Skyland USA, LLC expanded the rooflite® Authorized Blender Network to Canada.
TORONTO, ONTARIO – February 3rd, 2010 – All Treat Farms Limited of Arthur, Ontario joined Skyland USA’s rooflite® Authorized Blender Network. All Treat, one of Ontario’s leading compost facilities and manufacturer of bag and bulk landscape and horticultural products, is now licensed to manufacture and sell rooflite® certified green roof growth media. Skyland USA is North America’s #1 supplier for vegetated roof growth media and the creators of rooflite®.

Skyland USA Announces rooflite® Installed On Over 1.5 million Square Feet of Green Roofs
PHILADELPHIA, Pa – October 5th, 2009 - Skyland USA, LLC is proud to announce that over 1.5 million square feet of rooflite® certified green roof media has been installed in North America.  After compiling information from over 230 selected projects installed in the last four years, Skyland USA has verified that green roofs grow on over 31 acres of rooflite® certified green roof media in 23 different states. The Selected Project list can be viewed at
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Skyland USA Welcomes Southern California Licensed rooflite® Green Roof Media Blender
BAKERSFIELD, CA – August 31st, 2009 - Skyland USA, LLC is proud to introduce the newest licensed blender of rooflite® certified green roof media products. Delmos Forest & Cinder Products, doing business as Pacific Coast Forest Products of Arvin, California, south of Bakersfield, will blend rooflite® green roof media to comply with all current and future ASTM and FLL¹ standards.
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rooflite® Certified Green Roof Growth Media Available Across America
CLEVELAND, OH – April 13th, 2007 Skyland USA, LLC is proud to announce that its rooflite green roof growing media is quickly approaching coverage to include the entire United States. Previously rooflite had supplies east of the Mississippi River. Due to the increasing demand of rooflite and the growing popularity of green roofs and a sustainable environment, five additional blenders were added in the past four months.
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SKYLAND USA and GARICK Announce Green Roof Partnership
BOSTON, MA — MAY 10, 2006 — Green Roofs For Sustainable Communities Conference - Skyland USA, LLC and The Garick Corporation roll out details of their joint efforts to make available for the first time in the United States a “certified” and brand name green roof media, rooflite™ which can be produced and delivered on a national basis. rooflite® will meet the growing needs of the green roof industry to have access to a standardized and “certified” soil media that can be part of any green roof system regardless of its location or design aspects. “As the green roof industry matures in North America, rooflite® certified growing media products will meet the needs of our customer base that require the availability of roof top growing media when and where they need it,” said Rick Mahoney, managing partner for The Garick Corporation.
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Skyland USA is always happy to see projects using rooflite® certified green roof media in the news.  As new green roof go up across the country, the property owners, architects, general contractors, roofers, and landscapers are proud to share their accomplishments in media reports to the industry and the public.  We scan the national news outlets daily to monitor these reports.  We have started a blog linking to these news articles on projects using rooflite® products and providing a little insight and publicity into the specifics of the projects.  To see more, or share your project, click the icon to visit our blog.