Skyland USA, LLC is the creator of rooflite® green roof media products, which are the only independently branded green roof media products available on a nationwide basis. The nationwide availability of rooflite® green roof media products resolves the issues of procuring a proven and tested green roof media for all of your green roof projects regardless of their size, location, or plant selection.

Skyland USA has been producing green roof media products for the North American market for over five years. We have over thirty years of combined experience in all aspects of the green roof industry including garden design, roof top installation, and the manufacturing of green roof media. With this experience, we continue to develop our complete line of media products specifically for the green roof industry.

Mission Statement
Skyland USA is committed to:
Servicing the green roof industry in a professional, cost-effective, and
customer friendly manner.
Treating our customers with a courteous and professional approach.
Always striving to give our customers the best products that are available
   at the best price. 
To continually improve and expand our product lines to meet the needs
of the industry
About Skyland USA
About Skyland USA